Celebrity Sex: Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson Calling It Quits

Well, after less than three years of marriage Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are calling it quits as Ashlee has filed for divorce.  This probably only saddens me because for some reason I like Ashlee Simpson and, like most girls, I had a crush on Pete Wentz back in the peak days of Fall Out Boy.  Yet, both have faded from the spotlight as she has proven to be the worst actress in the history of television and gone are the days when Pete makes headlines with raunchy sexting photos.  Neither artist has released music in quite some time and I can’t help but wonder if this entire charade is an attempt to get some form of media to care about them again.

Since the couple wed in 2008, their careers have plummeted.  Fall Out Boy hasn’t released an album since ’09 and Ashlee was kicked off Melrose Place 2.0 before the show was subsequently cancelled for being an atrocious remake of the original series.  Maybe the two will fair better apart than they have together and all of us ladies can certainly hope that Pete takes more nude photos that get leaked onto the internet.

The couple has a two year old son and, while sources say that the child is their top priority, I can only hope that 15 years from now we aren’t reading about him going to jail, rehab, or both because of parental dysfunction.

Below is a link to MTV’s article on this story, check it out if you want more details.  If  Pete were the one filing for the divorce I would blame it on her terrible new pixie cut but since she’s filing I feel especially bad for him.

Update: Sources say that Pete does not want the divorce, still happily wears his wedding ring, and he is trying to talk Ashlee out of it.


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