Sexy Diane Kruger GQ Photo Shoot

Diane Kruger, the sexy German actress from Inglorious Bastards and National Treasure who is currently dating Joshua Jackson, completed a steamy photo shoot that will be in the March issue of GQ Germany.  Some of the pictures are really racy but she can pull it off.  In my opinion these look hot and artistic, not trashy.  What does everyone else think?  Too much skin or “where can I buy the issue?” (nsfw)

2 thoughts on “Sexy Diane Kruger GQ Photo Shoot

  1. I agree that they are not trashy, but I’m sick of seeing half-naked women everywhere I turn, especially on magazine covers. I understand that GQ is geared towards men, but even on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Self, Vanity Fair, etc. it’s not much different. Why are women seen as less valuable when they are actually wearing clothes?

    Plus, it does a number on the self esteem haha.

    • I agree. It’s especially bothersome when really young girls are nearly naked like Miley Cyrus a few years back and now Venessa Hudgins. They are role models to very young girls and our youth is already hypersexualized. I hear ya on the self esteem too haha.

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