Bieber Talks Sex, America, and Abortion!?

In his recent Rolling Stone interview, breakout pop sensation, Justin Bieber, discussed his stance on sex, abortion, and relationships.  While he serves as a role model to young boys across America and is idolized by millions of teenage girls, he usually maintains a squeaky-clean public persona…until now.

When asked about his opinion on sex, the sixteen year old performer told Rolling Stone “you should wait all the way until…you don’t want to wait anymore.”  “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them,” he told them.  When they inquired about practicing abstinence and waiting until marriage, rather than answer like many other young teen heartthrobs he stated, “I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.”  Bieber was recently seen with Selena Gomez, another innocent Disney teen, purchasing lingerie at Victoria’s Secret so it seems that Bieber may not be so virginal after all. 

In response to a question about his stance on abortion, Justin without hesitation replied, “”I really don’t believe in abortion, it’s like killing a baby?”  Yes Bieber it kind of is… technically it is an embryo or a fetus at that point, baby comes after birth but yeah abortion does involve pregnancy.  Let’s hope he at least learned about safe sex otherwise he might share a different opinion soon enough.

Now, while I think his response about sex was completely acceptable and is a way better answer than saying to wait for marriage because there is no way that is happening in this day and age for a teen sex symbol, I have to say I am really disappointed in Bieber’s opinion on abortion.  He should have dodged the question or said he wasn’t sure yet because he’s so young, not spewed what he believes he should say.  Also, he didn’t just stop at being anti-choice.  When the reporter mentioned abortion in cases of rape and incest he held his conviction.  “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason,” the admittedly inexperienced 16-year-old said. “I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”  Well Bieber, let me give you a piece of PR advice, don’t comment on things you don’t fully understand or you will look like a fool.

Lastly, just in case we weren’t already growing annoyed with him for this interview, he closed by saying “You guys are evil,” in reference to Americans when asked if he would ever consider becoming a U.S. citizen.  “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

I personally had liked Bieber.  He seemed like a good role model for youth, actually has some talent, and was found by Usher who I love.  However, after this interview I lost some respect.

Justin, just stick to singing and dancing…please do not comment on politics anymore.  And if America is so bad, stop winning our awards, performing here, and capitalizing on this country.  Keep your hair and music in Canada.

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