Lady Gaga Speaks Out for Safe Sex in Condom Inspired Attire

Lady Gaga is currently working with Mac’s Viva Glam campaign to spread the word about safe sex and HIV.  She recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to share her reasons for becoming a part of this mission…all while wearing a “condom inspired pant suit.”

“I don’t know who Elizabeth Taylor hasn’t inspired, especially if you’re a glamour girl like me. Strong women, strong messages, strong will — that is the message of Viva Glam today,” Gaga told reports.  “I want to make it cool to be aware of protecting your body. I think it’s important for my fans, and people all over the world who may not be my fans, to open up the discussion about safe sex,” Gaga added.

I am all for celebrities servings as positive role models and spreading awareness for safe sex and I actually really like the lipstick shade, but was the hideous outfit really necessary?


Here is the a video from AP on YouTube with Gaga discussing the project in costume.

For more information on Gaga’s shades and the campaign, check out the links below.

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