Michelle Trachtenberg March Maxim Photo Shoot

Michelle Trachttenberg is all grown up.  Some of you may remember her for her childhood acting days in the film Harriett the Spy but I’m sure the majority of people are more familiar with her for her role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer the TV show, Eurotrip, and Gossip Girl.  She will be featured in March’s issue of Maxim in the US in some very revealing outfits and I have a sneak peak at the photos here.

I’ve had guys tell me that they thought she was hot before but I never really got it.  I always felt that she had a nice body but she is rather pale and goofy looking.  However, not going to lie, I think she looks pretty smokin in this shoot.  Her body looks great and I actually like the new red hair.  Plus, more power to her for being a sexy pale actress and not turning herself orange for the media.  What does everyone think of her in this shoot, yay or nay?































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