Nicki Minaj on Flirting and Not Being a Whorebag in Black Book, March 2011

Nicki Minaj seems to have come out of nowhere and blown up overnight.  She went from being a the girl with Gucci Mane to everyone knowing her name and has sparked some controversy in the rap industry, namely with Lil’ Kim.  Personally I’m a huge fan.  I absolutely love her.  I’m not even a big fan of rap music but I own all of her songs and she is, in my opinion, the best female rapper.  It’s also great to see a woman succeeding in a traditionally male genre and it’s refreshing to that she does her own thing and does not try to be someone she is not.  She graces the cover of Black Book this month and set the record straight about her perceived sexual promiscuity.  

“I’m not the type to be talking to a random dude in the club. Unless I know him, I don’t even want to be introduced to him, because it always turns into me being perceived as the ultimate whore-bag. I remember one time I saw a guy, someone famous, who was at one of my parties. I kissed him on the cheek and went to my seat, and they put up a story that me and him left together that night and went to a hotel.”

Nicki also discusses her similarities to pop sensation, Lady Gaga.

“We both do the awkward, non-pretty thing. What we’re saying – what I’m saying, anyway – is that it’s okay to be weird. And maybe your weird is my normal. Who’s to say? I think it’s an attitude we both share.”

For the rest of the article grab a copy of Black Book.  Here are her pics from the photo shoot.  Normally I think she is smokin’ hot but I have mixed reviews on the pics below.  Her body looks sick but she is much prettier than these shots make her look.  She actually has a beautiful face but she has to watch out for some of those awkward faces because they do not photograph well.  Please feel free to share your comments on the pics/article.






















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