Ashlee Simpson Claims Supposedly Still Single

Despite reports that Ashlee Simpson is already bouncing back from her pending divorce from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.  She claims that that is just friends with his friend, musician Craig Owens, sources close to the singer have revealed that she is, in fact, still single:

The source reveals:

“Craig is a longtime friend and was comforting Ashlee during this difficult time. She’s not moving on. There’s no race for a new relationship. They’re friends. Ashlee and Pete’s split is amicable and they’re working together to make this as positive a situation for [2-year-old son] Bronx as possible. Right now her attention is on Bronx and some new work projects she has coming up. That’s it.”

I wonder if they are really “just friends”…sounds like Biz Markie in the background.  That pic above does not look like they are merely friends.  If they are, they are friends with benefits.

If she is separated then it doesn’t really matter, she isn’t cheating.  Yet, her focus should be on her son who is very young and has parents going through a very public divorce and this is a difficult concept to deal with and understand.  Hopefully the above statement is true strictly for Bronx’s sake.

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