Ever After

A thousand times I’d say I’m sorry,

If I thought that you’d forgive me.

Jump off a rock quarry,

Plunge into the sea.

Sink beneath the surface,

Submerge deep within the water.

Feeling like I have no purpose,

Asking one love me is too tall an order.

But your forgiveness should not matter,

Tears should not fall from my eyes.

Like raindrops into puddles they splatter,

And all of this based on lies.

I implore you to forgive me,

To feel for me as I do for you.

But if I really want you happy,

I must accept that this is something you cannot do.

I love you for all the wrong reasons,

Change my mind with all the seasons.

I love you, I hate you.

I hate me, I love him.

He loves her, she loves you.

Lights go out, I go dim.

Then the sun rises,

And I awaken.

See through all your guises,

No longer shaken.

I do not love you,

I’m in love with the idea of you.

Stop my obsession on the dime,

No longer waste my time.

Love myself first,

And the rest will fall into place.

Accept that I am not cursed,

That my life is not a waste.

We are just not meant to be,

So I must set you free,

In order to do what is best for me.

For us to live ever after happily,

We must lead our lives separately.

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