Ke$ha’s Not-So-Sexy Day at the Beach

Today, March 15th,Ke$ha was spotted out on the beach in Adelaide, Australia rocking a black bikini that was not too flattering.  While the top was a skin baring string piece the bottoms resembled something a grandmother would wear.  I suppose she is trying to cover up how thick she is but why not just wear a cute one piece or embrace the retro movement in fashion now and sport one of those bathing suits sexy pinups used to wear in the 50’s.  This bathing suit is just so unflattering on her, what was she thinking?  I believe anyone, especially celebrities, can look good with the right clothing, makeup, and haircut for their body and face shape.  She has to be making a killing off of all those hits, can’t she contact Rachel Zoe and get some style help??

And, to make things trashier,  at one point, Ke$ha accidentally slipped a nip while jogging along the sand, much to the delight of her fellow beach goers.

During her recent gig at the Future Music Festival, Ke$ha shocked the crowd by drinking fake blood from a fake heart while she sang her hit song “Cannibal.” Yuck…I hope she is not trying to be Gaga because there can be only one and we like the lady we have.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of Ke$ha flashing some flesh in a granny-panted string bikini.











































































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