Vanessa Hudgens…More Nude Photos Surface

Recently photos of Venessa Hudgens naked and in her underwear had surfaced in the media.  Well, now there are more.  What happened to her?  She was the face of Disney and High School Musical and now she’s posing for sexy covers and releasing nude pics?  The reports actually say she’s quite embarrassed and I do feel bad for her but the moral of the story here is don’t take sexy pics and text them to your boyfriend if you’re a celebrity.  I hate to say it but she’s really hot.  I can’t help but think of her as a child because of the films she does but she will certainly break out into more adult movies and roles now if this stuff doesn’t tank her career.  Although, I’m sure it will only help her because this type of stuff has boded well for people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian so I don’t see why the adorable yet sexy Vanessa Hudgens would be any exception.  Here are the pics as well as well as her sexy Details shoot from last month:










vanessa hudgens details photoshootvanessa hudgens strips for detailssexy vanessa hudgens

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