POEM: The Us That Never Was

The things I used to love so much,

Are tainted with the memory of you.

Now I’m lost without your touch,

How will I ever make it through

All this suffering and pain?

Life will just never be the same.

So bottoms up, I give a toast

To the you, the us that never was.

I let you go with no repost

I was frozen in a pause

Still haven’t said everything I’d like

But I must just make my peace,

Give up this tragic strike,

End all of my sorrow,

And start living for tomorrow.


I’ve nothing left to say.

You chose to run away

From the love in my heart

And tear me apart

When I was already aching

Shattered, cracked and breaking.

You kicked me to the curb.

You tossed me aside

Because I dared to disturb

Your carefree ride

All at the costly expense

Of my heart and sinew.

How could I be so dense

As to ever trust a fool like you.

Now my favorite lyrics and songs

Are tainted with a lingering you.

And despite all my wrongs,

I truly cared about you.

Though it’s not that I long for you,

As we are now and forever through.

You broke my heart and trust,

I mistook love for lust.

Never felt something real,

Yet I will need time to heal

From the knife wound in my back.

Need time and space to get myself back.

So bottoms up, I give a toast,

To the you, the us that never was.

You a parasite, me a host.

Wherever I go, faintly hear the buzz

Of you in my ear

Which incites a fear

That I lost something great

Then I get my head straight

And remember your true face.

Realize that me with you is a disgrace

Because you drain my life,

Only cause strife,

Leave me a broken shell,

Remnant of my former self.

Send me to my own hell.

Are a hazard to my health.

But I will learn to re-love what I cherish most,

Patch up my wounds with sturdy gauze.

So bottoms up, I give a toast

To the you, the us that never was.


I’m better off without you,

Free from your hold

Will find something true,

While alone you will grow old.

Because the lies you live become you

And you lose sight of what is real.

You will forget how it is to feel.

I gave you love and boundless pleasure,

But you chose to just waste not treasure

My kindness and virtue.

I never meant to hurt you.


But you intentionally shook my soul

And friends’ trust you stole.

But I will move on

Because I am strong

And you will hold on

For the day I say so long

For now you are merely a ghost.

And I see all your flaws.

So bottoms up, I give a toast

To the you, the us that never was.

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