Situation Bombs at Donald Trump Roast

Seeing as I love the Jersey Shore I decided to post this  hilarious video of Situation getting himself into a not so good situation, bad stand-up.  He starts off like he might be kind of funny then quickly takes a turn for the worst.  It’s only funny because he’s so awful.  Everyone let me know what you think, yay or nay on his comedy.  Personally, he should stick to being a dick on reality TV and stay far away from any roasts other than his own.

2 thoughts on “Situation Bombs at Donald Trump Roast

  1. omg was he HORRIBLE!!!!! i love how like all the other comedians gave these “ouch that was horrible” look even when he was trying to make fun of them! i lOVED that he got booood!! it was great! i hate him so the fact that he completely bombed was awesome! even donald didnt think he was funny!!!! stick to being a dick!

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