Bruno Mars: GQ April 2011

Following a hectic year including his musical rise to fame and legal woes, Bruno Mars finds himself featured in the April 2011 issue of GQ magazine.

On his bust for cocaine possession in Vegas last year, Bruno said: “I’m not gonna preach that I’m a role model. I’m a f**king musician! But I have learned people are watching, so don’t do nothing stupid.”  Despite this drug bust and the fact that he is using substances I don’t agree with, I still love Bruno Mars. He has an incredible voice, makes great music, and is good looking.   I also love his style, it is so reminiscent of the days of Billy Holiday, early Elvis, and James Dean. I would definitely go see him live.  Plus, I get what he’s saying about being a musician.  The most creative of people are also the most emotional and sensitive, which I know first hand.  We all find ways to cope with that and survive in our lifestyle.  While I can think of 10 better ways to de-stress or get through social anxiety, whatever works in moderation I guess.  Hopefully the bust will get him clean and then I can enjoy his music without worrying about him delving into the world of heroin or going from recreational use to problematic abuse.

The Hawaiian pop prodigy posed for a photo spread for GQ while talking about his drug bust and offering up six ways to work a fedora.

As for his head-topping tips, a few of Bruno’s recommendations include:

Top Off Your Tee
That same gray hat works when you’re going casual, too. It’ll make a V-neck tee look like a style statement.

Draw a Straw
Felt fedoras are for fall and winter. When it’s hotter than hell, go lightweight in straw.

Find Your Rhythm
Think of the ribbon on your hat as a shot of color. Your clothes should play off it, not match perfectly.

How To Wear A Hat

How To Wear A Hat

How To Wear A Hat

How To Wear A Hat

How To Wear A Hat


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