Chris Brown is Nuts

If it wasn’t already official, it is now.  Chris Brown is a violent nut.  I don’t care if he makes good music or if people find him good looking, he’s an abusive psycho.  He already has a bad reputation for his assault on Rihanna at the Grammy’s two years ago, now he strikes with violence again.  He stopped by Good Morning America to promote his new album FAME, which dropped today, when all hell broke loose.  He smashed a window in his dressing room and knocked glass onto the street below as part of an argument he had gotten in inside.  

It all started when anchor Robin Roberts brought up his past domestic violence case against ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.  In response to Robin’s discrete interrogation, Brown responded, “I mean not really, it’s not really a big deal, that situation, I think I’m past that in my life, and I think today’s the album day so that’s what I’m focused on, so everyone go and get that album.”

Later, a shirtless, angry Brown was photographed out on the streets of New York. He also tweeted after the incident, “I’m so over people bringing this past s— up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there b——-!”

“All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I’m so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!! Thank you to everyone who supports my music!!! Key Word ( music) !!! Love y’all.”  If the past is really the past Chris, why don’t you leave it there and show everyone that you are newer, more mature and temper-controlled man.  Breaking shit and throwing  a temper tantrum may sell albums but it doesn’t sell us on the new you.

Here are some pics of him shirtless throwing a fit:


































































Also, here is the interview footage with the line of questioning that set him off:


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