POEM: Thorn in the Rain

Kisses like roses

Soft petal touches.

Rubbing our noses.

We were like crutches,

Leaning onto each other.

Teardrops like raindrops.

Pulsing, all aflutter,

Goes never stops,

Is my heart as you mutter,

I love you my dear

With all of my soul

Have no fear

For together we’ll grow old.

Then one day I awake

And you are off and gone.

Gone without a trace,

But your memory lingers on.

You haunt me in me dreams.

You disturb me in my days.

Ripped me open at the seams,

As if from a grave you raised.

Following me as I walk,

Interrupting me while I talk.

So hard to live my life,

When you drag me into the depths

Of hell with all your strife

‘Til of me there’s nothing left.

Wasting, withering, fading to black.

My brain I do wrack,

In search of way

Of getting myself back.

Don’t know what to say

To make you come back.

Don’t know what to say

To make you go away.

If I can’t have you for real

So tangible and true,

If you are not leal,

Then I don’t want you.

Stop haunting me,

Stop killing me,

Go bother someone else.

Get out of my life,

You’re a hazard to my health,

Like a dagger or knife

Twisting and retching,

Stabbing my heart.

Carving and etching,

Slicing me apart.

I scream and kick

This joke is sick,

All my ferver gets me nowhere,

You are still here at my side

The real you does not care,

You had your free ride,

Used me and lied

Then run and hide

‘Til you find someone new

To wreck and to ruin

Because when you are through

Off you will run.

All that you’re good for

Is causing heartache and pain.

You are not my rose anymore,

You are a thorn in the rain.

Stabbing me,

Soaking me,

Breaking me,

Choking me.

But from your grasp

I will get free.

Though you are a horned asp

I am me,

Powerful and strong

Resilient and brave,

Will move right along

Put you back in your grave

Of boyfriends past

And my life I will recast.

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