Taylor Momson: Hot or Train Wreck??

dsc_6980.jpgTaylor Momson, former Gossip Girl actress aka Jenny Humphrey has gone from bad ass in the actress world to bad-ass in real life.  With the release of her band The Pretty Reckless’ debut album and in an attempt to foster a music career, Taylor has left the show to pursue her other ventures full time.  The album is actually supposed to be good and I am looking forward to checking it out.

She always dressed a little trashy and took the smokey eye look to the level of raccoon eye but now she is getting downright trashy and going from bad ass to low class.  This girl is seventeen so she is barely legal, keep that in mind when looking at the pics.  But, I’m curious to know what everyone thinks.  Do guys find this hot or just classless.  I hope Ms. Momson doesn’t go the way of Lindsay Lohan and become a straight up disaster.  Here are some pics from a recent concert…grunge sexy or just plain gross?:



Also, here is one of the videos off of her new album if you were curious to hear her music:

4 thoughts on “Taylor Momson: Hot or Train Wreck??

    • OMG Ellen I didn’t even realize that was Cindy Lou! It’s kind of like when you realize Lindsay Lohan was the cute, innocent girl in the Parent Trap brimming with talent and now she facing prison. Momson isn’t facing jail or anything yet and I do think the look and dress is all part of her act to draw attention to the band. So, as long as she stays true to herself, I’ll stay tuned.

  1. I’ve got the album and it is pretty good – she has a good rock voice. I’ve also seen her interviews and she seems smart and pretty much in control of her life. And all that makes her hot – not how she dresses.

    • Yeah I checked out some videos and she’s not bad. I just hope the dress and attitude is for the band and she doesn’t turn into a Lindsay Lohan or 2006 Brittany. I’m also bummed she left Gossip Girl. But, the music isn’t bad…surprised you listen to it though because it doesn’t seem like your thing hehe.

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