Sexy Erin Heatherton’s New Photo Shoot

The newly 22 year old model Erin Heatherton is featured in a series of sexy shots from the 2011 Victoria’s Secret catalog.

The beautiful blonde babe shows off her hot bod in a variety of swimwear as well as plenty of flirty lingerie.

Erin’s mother Lauren Bubley is confident Erin will stay straight-laced and not become one of the modeling industry’s tragic statistics.

“She’s always been self-sufficient and has never done anything to show us she couldn’t handle the responsibility. When she moved to New York, it was only a year before she would have left for college, so I think she was ready to be out on her own.”

Here are the sexy pics, yay or nay?  I think she is smokin’ hot for a blonde but definitely looks older than just 22 in some of the pics.  I also want a bunch of these bathing suits (along with a body like hers to fill them out).

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