Poem: Unrequited

Love unrequited.

I couldn’t fight it.

Fell for you at first glance.

I never stood a chance.

My heart melts in your smile.

I’ve known all the while.

Couldn’t tell you,

Afraid you’d run,

Tell me we are through,

And stop all the fun.

Now I’m so despondent.

Had I happened upon it

When you were more ready,

Able to handle something steady.

Perhaps you could have felt it too,

Fell for me as I fell for you.

Sensed a connection,

Returned my affection.

Held me in your arms,

Turned on all your charms.

Whispered in my ear,

“I love you my dear.”

Instead you avoid me,

Refer to me as a friend.

Wish I could be free,

That this love could end.

Yearn to start anew,

With someone who isn’t you.

Yet I will take it to my grave,

Because I am not so brave,

To tell you to your face,

How I long for your embrace.

That it is you with whom I want to grow old,

Cherish you dearly to have and to hold.

Instead I will keep quiet,

And be with you as we are.

This love for you I fight,

As it gives you such fright.

Would rather have you as I can,

See you every once and a while.

And while I’d love for you to be my man,

Dating just isn’t your style.

So I meet you where you are,

Knowing it will never go far,

Because while you mean everything to me,

You are ambivalent and free.

You don’t feel the same.

And for that I am to blame.

For I should have never let down my guard,

Should not have fallen so fast and hard.

But I cannot change the past.

I cannot escape this emotion.

So I will keep wearing this mask,

And for eternity you will have my devotion.

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