Vanessa Hudgens and Sucker Punch Stars Grace the Red Carpet

Stepping out for a high-profile evening, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted at the Nylon 12th Anniversary Celebration hosted by the stars of “Sucker Punch.”

Vanessa, the “High School Musical” starlette, was joined by her costars Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, and Jamie Chung at Tru in Hollywood.  Other Tinseltown hotties in attendance were actress Brittany Snow, Reality TV star Whitney Port, and designer/socialite Nicky Hilton.

“Sucker Punch” hits theaters today (March 25).  This film is getting a lot of hype but after seeing the commercial, I’m skeptical about it.  It looks like one of those movies that has a loosely held together sci-fi plot but will get a lot of attention because a bunch of hot chicks run around fighting half naked.  It’s like Kill Bill without Uma and Tarentino…what’s the point?  I could be wrong and I will admit to said wrongdoing if I am after seeing the film but I have a feeling it’s a lot of hype about nothing.  Regardless, we get to see a ton of sexy pics of Vanessa Hudgens with all this press so there is one plus.  If anyone sees this film let me know how it is because I’m definitely curious.

Here are some pics of her looking super sexy on the red carpet.  I hate admitting that she is hot because she is very young and Disney but she definitely is and she is so young that she is just going to keep getting better both aesthetically and professionally.  Most of these girls are really hot except Whitney Port, I don’t get the appeal with her.  Brittany Snow looks great, as usual.

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