Sexy Rob Pattison Article & Cover Shoot in Vanity Fair April 2011

Robert Pattinson Covers 'Vanity Fair' April 2011Robert Pattinson, the sexy twilight hunk also known as Edward Cullen, poses for the cover and inside pages of the April 2011 Vanity Fair magazine in a great shoot by photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The 24-year-old actor dished to the mag about his rumored romance with Kristen Stewart, his favorite ever leading lady, and Twilight’s appeal.

On Kristen: “Kristen is very focused on being an actress. I mean, that’s what she is—she’s an actress. Whereas I—I just don’t really know. She’s cool. Even before I knew her I thought she was a really good actress. Like, I saw Into the Wild, and I thought she was really good in that. I still think there are very few girls in her class that are as good as she is.”

On Tai, his favorite leading lady: “She was the best actor I ever worked with in my life. I cried when the elephant was wrapped. I never cried when anyone else was wrapped.”

On Twilight’s appeal to legions of fans: “I can’t really understand it even now. It does have an angle which is attached to something quite primal in girls. I guess people want it to define them, like ‘I’m a Twilight fan.’… I think people really just like being part of a crowd. There’s something just remendously exciting about hyping yourself up to that level.”

On Charlie Sheen:
“I like crazy people who don’t give a f—. I’ve just kind of stopped doing everything. I never change the channel in my trailer. I just watch reruns of ‘House of Payne’ and ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I love ‘Cops’ — I think it’s my favorite TV show. God, I sound like such a loser.

On the public’s interest in his relationship with Stewart:
“It’s just very traumatic. When this is over, the media will lose interest. There’ll be nothing to say. It won’t fit into a headline anymore. It won’t fit into a template.”

Only those of us obsessed with Rob know that not only is he a good actor, he is also a very talented musician.  He wrote, sang, and performed a number of songs on the first twilight soundtrack and has some great tunes that are a bit hard to find from his own independent work as well.  So, Vanity Fair played up his musicality in the shoot.  Here are the pics, I vote yay!  If only he was shirtless tho…

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