The Tuesday/Thursday Phenomenon: It Has Probably Happened to You and You Didn’t Even Realize It

As a twenty something year old law student preparing for the bar, I, from time to time, find myself looking back on my single days to remind myself how good I have it right now- hard to imagine, I know. To put it intoperspective, this is a time in my life where I would rather scrub the toaster oven than continue studying so it shouldn’t be that hard to imagine that reminiscing about my failed relationships could actually be a pick me up. In the course of one of these “therapeutic” procrastination sessions I stumbled upon the old Tuesday Thursday trick that I would like to share with the unassuming singles out there who may be reading this.

The basics of this trick are exactly like they sound- have you ever been dating a guy who suddenly only has time to see you on Tuesday or Thursday nights?

This is the setup: you meet a great guy, you go out for a few weeks on Fridays and Saturdays. He dazzles you with fancy restaurants, champagne falls from the heavens, and night clubs roll out the red carpets for the two of you. You are making him wait to have sex, and then boom he Tuesday/ Thursdays you. Call me old school but I personally have a 4-6 week window rule for sex. This means he needs to impress me every weekend for no less than a month before he gets the goods. There are multiple reasons for this rule; get ready.

1.) I have the vagina so what I say goes.
2.) I feel that after hanging with a guy 4-6 times I have, even if by default, spent enough time with this person to gauge whether I actually like him and he is trustworthy enough to sleep with.
3.) Why weekend dates? There is no better way to tell if a man already has a girlfriend than to see which days he has time to see you. No man with a serious girlfriend could escape from her for 4-6 weekends in a row. Doing so would defy the laws of nature. And if he somehow did manage to pull this off and bamboozle the two of you, then you are dealing with a professional and had no chance from the get go.

– With the basic rules outlined, back to the question- why the sudden demotion? Did he lose interest because I didn’t have sex with him soon enough? That is the opposite of what is supposed to happen. Under normal circumstances the longer you make a man wait the more curious he will become. Did I cross some imaginary line and make him wait too long? No way. There are plenty of women with a similar rule. Did he have a girlfriend who was out of town for a few weeks? If so I should count it as a win because I beat him at his own game and this type of trickery is exactly what the rules are supposed to help avoid. In this particular case, however, I didn’t think that was the problem because I had spent a significant amount of time at his house and there was not one whiff of a girlfriend. Not even one suspicious phone call. I met the man’s family for crying out loud. So what was the problem? Naturally after getting demoted to Tuesday/Thursday dates I had to end it immediately. My vagina is definitely worth a Friday or Saturday thank you very much. After it was all said and done I came to realize what had gone wrong: He met someone else who was willing to give it up easier, and was spending his weekends with her! Lesson learned: as a girl with some morals I learned my only enemies in the dating pool are girls who have none. Although I was disappointed it validated my odd dating tactics. If I really like a guy I wait to have sex with him until I am completely comfortable and feel I can trust him. Of course this doesn’t mean I am going to keep him forever but at least I wont feel taken advantage of. Had I slept with him sooner maybe I could have kept him, but my gut tells me that wouldn’t be the case. He got bored with her and asked me out 3 Friday’s later- I said no and made a mental note to tell all my girlfriends about the Tuesday Thursday trick!

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