Gisele Sexy in Vogue France April 2011

Adding another magazine cover to her repertoire, Gisele Bundchen graces the cover and inside pages of the April issue of Vogue France.

The supermodel/mother/and wife of Tom Brady is pictured in a countryside motif, looking very much like a sexy backpacker making her way across Europe.  Although, I’m not the biggest fan of this shoot because I think she can look better.

In a recent interview, Gisele shared how she got back into such amazing shape so quickly after giving birth to her son Benjamin.

“I believe my body came back because I had a prenatal exercise routine…But each woman is different; there are no magic answers. Its important for women to make themselves as a priority. If you’re not healthy, how can you take care of your family?”

Honestly, I don’t think Gisele is all that sexy or pretty.  She’s prettier than the average girl don’t get me wrong but there are so many other hotter models and my girl friends are prettier than her so I don’t see what all the fuss is about.  What is everyone else’s opinion of her?

Here are the pics:

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