Candice Swanepoel: Too Thin??

The media has been buzzing all day about Candice Swanepoel, the Victoria Secret Angel, looking to skinny at yesterday’s LA VS SWIM event.  Reports are stating that she is too thin and seems to have lost quite a bid of weight from just a few months ago which has raised some concern.

I find the media and Hollywood’s perception of women to be so fickle.  It’s so bipolar with some women being to thin, others too fat.  Some with cellulite, others with exposed spinal columns.  Some who need to tone up or get shit on for being a normal weight (which in Hollywood is fat).  How are young girls and celebrities for that matter supposed to be comfortable with themselves and develop healthy eating behaviors when the media displays anorexic women or calls normal healthy women fat?  Then the media gets on someone for being to thin and it’s as if no one can win.

Candice looks good but I agree she is a bit too thin, especially for Victoria Secret.  That is one magazine that likes curvy and natural women so I’m surprised she is so tiny.  I hope they too are not moving towards the starved waif look for all their models.

A post on the Hollywood Life website said Candice was

“scarily, skeletally, stick-thin,” while CBS News stated that she looked “startlingly slim.”

Back in November, Swanepoel told press,

“Actually, this year my problem has been more putting the weight on and getting muscle on because it’s been really busy. I’ve been traveling around like crazy. I get skinnier if I’m very busy.”

Here are the pics from yesterday, what does everyone think??:

Here are older pics of her, do you think she has lost weight and is too skinny now or do you like her new bod better??

candice swanepoelcandice swanepoelcandiceswanepoelCandice Swanepoel Bikini Candice Swanepoel Pics #4candice swanepoel

6 thoughts on “Candice Swanepoel: Too Thin??

  1. i think it does look like she lost some weight, but i wouldn’t say she is “too thin.” i don’t think she looks much different in the swimsuit pics than some of the other VS models, i think the angles might just be a little funny. like in the first one where shes standing at an angle her stomach looks very thin, but in others it looks just like adriana’s or alessandra’s. and in one of the pictures her legs look a little disproportionate, but in the rest they look fine. but with that said, i think all of the VS and other lingerie models as a whole are too thin to be modeling things that all women wear, but in comparison to the other models i think that candice looks more or less the same.

    • Ellen I do agree the models have unnatural body types that no average girl can compare too. If anyone has a body that looks that good in lingerie they would be a VS model. I love the bras but the catalogs are a bit ridiculous. When I look for bras, underwear, and clothes I want to see the clothes as they would be warn from different angles. Unfortunately the catalog goes for more high fashion photos then it does for practical representation of the clothing. I feel like their pics both online and in magazines are more about getting men off then they are about showing the average woman clothing and lingerie they may want to buy…yet, I would guess they are the most popular brand of underwear. Their stuff is usually well made and the majority of my bras are from there because they really do make you look great but there is no way any regular girl will look like the women in those pics. They all are as thin as can be but with curves and boobs but less than 1% of the population has a body like that. I think Candice looks thinner than the other girls but I think it’s more the way she’s standing, that her hair is slicked back, the outfit she’s wearing, and that her boobs are smaller than the other women’s. I think she def lost weight and there was no need for her too which makes her great for swimsuit modeling yet I’m sure if she has a boyfriend he would prefer she have a little more meat on her. I used to be far skinnier than I am now and I get hit on more now than then. Men don’t like thick or fat but they do like real bodies with something they can grab on to and Candice has no meat to spare.

      • It definitely caters to men – I don’t own anything from VS (except one pair of underwear that i got for free from a coupon my boyfriend’s mother gave me haha) because every time i go in there it just makes me angry that I don’t look like that, so it makes me turn away from it. I don’t say “oh these bras look nice, maybe i’ll look nice if i wear them” the way that im sure the marketer is aiming for people to think. I just think “well i’ll never look like that so im just going to go to target and spend 15 dollars instead of 60.”

      • Aww Ellen you’re beautiful!! When I first met you I thought you were gorgeous! Who cares if you don’t look like Miranda Kerr…less than 1% of the population looks like that and you have a boyfriend who loves you. I agree thought, it’s discouraging to know the bras won’t look like that on me but the ones I buy do look good and make my boobs look nicer lol. They are super overpriced though.

  2. I don’t think she looks any thinner than the other two except that she has a much smaller waist. Even though she’s so tiny i’d still describe her figure as being curvy based on her waist to hip ratio. Especially in that white dress.

    • She is curvy for a tiny girl but she definitely lost weight from a few months ago and I think she looks super skinny. I think the other girls’ arms look extremely thin but the rest of their bodies look healthy. If you look at the pics from the swimsuit show she is so small her thighs don’t touch. I definitely think if she gained 5 or ten lbs healthfully she would look better and I rarely say that.

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