3rd Sexy Glamour Cover for May 2011: Freida Pinto

For the month of May Glamour has released 3 different covers with 3 separate but sexy girls.  I have already released the pics of Ashley Greene and Emma Stone and now I have pics of the 3rd cover.  This one is the least exciting for me.  While Emma has built up her career over the past few years and has been in a number of hit movies and Ashley Greene is currently all the rage with the impending release of Breaking Dawn, Freida Pinto has not done anything significant since Slumdog Millionaire. Don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful girl but she is not at the calibur of the other two sexy ladies in either looks or body of work.  She should do a few more films then start gracing big magazine covers such as Glamour.  Regardless she is pretty and I believe she has a new film in the works.

Here are some excerpts from the interview that accompanied the shoot:

GLAMOUR: How is it possible for you to maintain your privacy in India?

FREIDA PINTO: Here you have to do Bollywood films to be recognized, so I’m lucky. In the morning, I jog around the park with my sister in our building’s complex. She keeps making fun of me because I wear big sunglasses: “Oh, it’s the celebrity Freida Pinto with her big sunglasses on.” And I say, “I’m doing it to protect my eyes from the sun!”

GLAMOUR: You’ve played women of several different ethnicities. Do you identify as an actress first, an Indian woman first, or neither?

FREIDA PINTO: I think people are starting to become more color-blind in the industry. Of course, my Indian-ness cannot be ignored. At the same time, if I am being considered for a romantic comedy, I would like if [the script] didn’t try to inject as much ethnicity into the story as possible.

Here are the pics, yay or nay??:

3 thoughts on “3rd Sexy Glamour Cover for May 2011: Freida Pinto

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  2. I’ve always thought that she is insanely beautiful, but I’ve seen much better pictures of her than these ones. The second to last one doesn’t even really look like her.

    • Me too. When Slumdog Millionaire came out I remember thinking that she was unbelievably gorgeous but this shoot does not do her justice at all. The last pic is awful. It’s said because Ashley and Emma looked so great and then they botched Freida’s shoot.

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