Abbie Cornish’s Sexy Esquire UK Shoot

The sexy Abbie Cornish, who stars with Bradley Cooper in Limitless, posed nude for Esquire UK.  She of course was covered…but only with her hands.  The in-demand Australian actress shared some fun facts about herself in the interview:

“I’m into painting and street art and I’m a musician, I play piano. And I love taking pictures or filming things documentary style. And I’m definitely active, I love surfing.”

As for filming sex scenes, Abbie noted,

“[My co-stars are] all mates, that’s the thing. So I’m lucky. With friends, if someone’s pants don’t come off properly, or if something gets stuck, you just end up giggling.”

I like Abbie Cornish.  She isn’t outwardly pretty but she has a very unique look and the camera really takes to her.  She also has gorgeous eyes and a great body.  I liked her a lot in Limitless and definitely look forward to seeing more of her.

Here are the sultry pics:

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