Kiss Me

Kiss me

And hold me tight.

Love me,

Tell me it will be alright.

Trust me,

Don’t put up a fight.


It was love at first sight.

Baby come back,

You’ve left me here alone.

My brain I did rack,

Searched down to the bone

To find what I lacked.

How could you abandon me

When I needed your love?

Could you at least set me free,

Let me fly away like a dove?

Onto the next

And into a better life.

I have failed your test

Because I live in my own strife,

Chasing my shadow,

Running from my demons.

Sorry I’m not shallow,

Vapid, or deceiving.

Sorry I’m always honest and don’t live in a lie.

And that I some days have to fight just to stay alive.

I may have struggles and woes

And I may have some dark inside.

But I’m also full of a light that shows

And a sweetness that I can’t hide.

I may not be simple or easy,

And life with me will not always be breezy,

But I’m real and I’m me.

I’m glorious and great.

And it’s sad that you won’t see

What your missing ’til it’s too late.

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