Jersey Shore Season 4 on Hold Indefinitely

So if you’re like me and love Jersey Shore, you will be bummed to find out Season 4 is on hold indefinitely.  It likely will start filming in May now as opposed to April so don’t worry, the show is still happening…just not as soon as it was supposed to.

While people like myself would be bummed out if Jersey Shore was no more, the entire country of Italy is breathing a sigh of relief right now.  Italy is not pleased with the crazy cast mates coming to their country and slutting it up in their clubs and have been very vocal about that from day one.  But, this does not seem to be why filming has been put on hold.

Sources report that due to the ongoing contract negotiations between key members of the cast, MTV has had to halt their Jersey Shore trip to Italy. They were supposed to be departing on April 18th, but now it looks more like they won’t be leaving until sometime in May.

As of right now, only three of the eight have signed on for the next season: Ronnie, Sammi, and VinnySnooki, The Situation, JWoww, Deena and Pauly D are still in talks, presumably in an attempt to get more money.

I understand that the show is extremely popular and they are trying to ride that 15 minutes of fame wave but they should also understand that they are nobody without the show.  If they aren’t on Jersey Shore, no one would be interested in them and they would just return to Staten Island and wherever else they hail from never to be heard from again until VH1 does a special.  So, they should be somewhat smart about this and coast along with the fame for as long as they can before they become has-beens.

Additionally, they can talk all they want if it were up to club owners in Italy. Turns out, Italy isn’t offering the cast the warmest of welcomes. The crew is set to be stationed in Florence and producers have been trying to find venues and hot spots that will act as their Karma-esque base, but so far, they are having “a really difficult time” finding any place willing to open their doors to the guidos and guidettes.

Perez Hilton notes:

“This sounds like such a good idea before. Now, we just imagine a room full of producers and suit pulling out their hair over how much trouble and money this is going to cost them.  Then again, these kids generate a lot of business. It might be worth the hassle in the long run.”

What does everyone think of this and of Jersey Shore?  Do we want to see a season 4 or have we had enough?


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