Smokin’ Hot January Jones Marie Claire UK Magazine May Cover Shoot

“Mad Men”  be on hold until 2012, but January Jones sure isn’t hard up for work.  With the recent release of Unknown and X-Men First Class in post-production she is certainly an in-demand actress.  She also graces the cover and inside pages of the May issue of Marie Claire UK magazine, and she looks amazing.  January is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and never looks short of stunning but in this shoot she looks especially radiant.

January dons a pretty purple ensemble for the cover shot, and poses in a variety of outfits in the accompanying photo spread.

In the interview, Ms. Jones dishes on everything from landing her role as Betty Draper to staying level-headed in Hollywood.

  • On her dislike of interviews: ‘When I talk about myself, half the time I’m lying.’ And now? ‘Maybe. I do it because I’m bored of talking about myself, or I have nothing left to say, or I want to be private that day.’
  • On being the blonder Miser-Alba: ‘Everybody writes that they think I’m so unhappy,’ she says. And that’s not the case? ‘Not at all. I’m in my own head. I’m doing things. Keeping things interesting.’
  • On Ashton Kutcher, her boyfriend of three years who, it’s been widely documented, told her she would never make it as an actress. She visibly bristles at the mention of his name: ‘I don’t comment about that,’ she replies in clipped tones. ‘And I never commented about him.’
  • On whether she’s rich off Mad Men: ‘Financially, we don’t get paid very much on the show and that’s well-documented. On the other hand, when you do television you have a steady pay cheque each week, so that’s nice.’
  • On a quote often attributed to her, in which she said the impulse behind her modelling career was ‘showing all those bitches in high school who said I wasn’t pretty.’ She refutes this: ‘Where are you getting this shit? It sounds like something I might have said when I was, like, 15. The bitches in high school were bitches because I was pretty.’

Here are her pics:

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