Cameron Diaz is Too Jacked

Ok, so this may not really be news but seeing as how other gossip sites report any time a celebrity steps out of a gym I’m going to comment on the not-so-sexy.  I used to work out hard core for a long time and had great muscle definition…but I was too thin and too in shape. I know it’s hard to believe but there is such a thing as too in shape and Cameron Diaz is past that point.  She has man arms and while I can appreciate it as a fitness buff, as a woman who writes about sexy celebs all day it’s rather disturbing.  It is my understanding that men like a softer woman.  They want a girl who works out and is in shape but they don’t want someone who is so jacked she can’t go to Planet Fitness and could beat them up badly.

I used to love Cameron Diaz and she was cute as a button in There’s Something About Mary.  Every girl wanted to be her and she was so sexy and beautiful.  Just over a decade later and she is honestly frightening.  She tanned too much, worked out too much, and now looks like Jack Lalane…in shape but old and wrinkly.  If she wanted to settle down into a career of fitness videos and workout equipment merchandising she could be a huge hit but if she wants to remain acting she should soften up a bit because a hard look will not land her good leading lady rolls.  Her last big role was in that awful Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day.  She’s supposed to be in the Green Hornet, which I’m actually looking forward to seeing, but unless she’s playing a personal trainer or super villain I can’t see her fitting in to any other roll.  Maybe an old boss lady…if she wears long sleeve shirts.

She is so annoyingly in shape the only man she can land is Arod….who is a total nut.  They work out together and I guess he likes super jacked women but the only thing he really loves is himself (evidence being the giant centaur painting of himself he has on his wall).  Cameron should soften up and take a relaxing break…and quit it with the tanning.  Anyways, that is it for my Cameron Diaz is too jacked rant.


Here are some pics of her crazy biceps and svelte physique.  Do any guys like this??  What is everyone’s opinion??

Cameron Diaz workout Alex Rodriguez

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