Jordana Brewster’s Sexy May 2011 Maxim Shoot

For those of you who don’t know who she is Jordana Brewster was the female lead in the Fast and Furious movies and was also in the 90’s sci-fi thriller The Faculty. I’ve always thought that she was so gorgeous and had a great body and it’s cool to see her back in the limelight. Hopefully her career can come back a bit because she wasn’t a bad actress and she is absolutely beautiful, plus she seems like a very nice person.  She has a movie called Fast Five coming to theaters this month but I have not yet looked into what that’s about.  I hope it’s not another Fast and Furious movie because those have already accomplished film overkill.

Jordana looks great in a series of bathing suits as she poses for Maxim in a swimwear special shoot for summer.  I think she looks great.  I love brunettes first of all.  And, secondly, she has beautiful eyes and a great body.  Here are the pics, yay or nay?

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