POEM: Shot Up Dreams

I’m prefacing this poem because it is one of the rare ones that is not about me but rather, about a fallen old friend.  Please feel free to share poetry and I will post it.  Anyway, here is my new poem, Shot Up Dreams

Bright lights

Big city

Street fights

Wish I was pretty

Wasted youth

Broken dreams

Fallen truth

Hope ripped at the seams

Devil is winning

Angels are falling

Can’t stop sinning

Fate is calling.

We win some and lose some

Days go but more come.

Fallen off the beaten path

Will someday face the wrath

Of a higher power

Of the law and court officials

In that final hour

Or by a committee who’s judicial

Wastin’ time

Tellin’ lie after lie

This life was mine

Now I don’t even try

Given up, givin’ in

Why bother, I can’t win.

Fallen down,

No one to pick me up

I slowly drown

Cause life’s too tough.

I no longer complain

Just shoot it in my vein

Feel the sweet relief

Too bad it’s only brief

Then back to pain

Left out in the rain

Without a home

Without anyone to love

Could fill a tome

With with what I cannot speak of

A life so broken

Dreams so shattered

Pain unspoken

Torn and tattered

Living on the street

So cold and lonely

Searching for some heat

For someone to hold me

But you instead hit me

Instead of comfort

You give me a fist

It’s me you try to subvert

Your struggle I am amidst

You drag me down

I try to run

You hit and pound

You break my sun

Broken tattered on the floor

Thank God you walk out the door

All alone no one to help me

But a faint light returns

To wake me up, set me free

For my freedom I have earned

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