Reese Withspoon Smolders in Elle UK’s May 2011 Issue

Another actress that I love is Reese Witherspoon.  She’s been around a long time and has done a number of great films such as Walk the Line and Legally Blonde.  The academy award winning actress smolders in her new Elle UK May 2011 cover shoot and I’ve got the pics!

During her interview with the magazine, Reese shared that her first try at marriage (with actor Ryan Phillippe) was definitely a learning experience.

“I was so, so young. I was, like, ridiculously young. I learned a lot, though. It was an excellent opportunity for me to really find out what it means to be a partner and to be in a marriage and it’s not anything that I thought it was.”

“I think dating is inherently complicated, anyway; what I do for a living makes it even more complicated. Let’s just say I’m happy to not be dating. I met a wonderful man. I feel really, really lucky.”

Reese Witherspoon began dating 40-year-old Jim Toth in January 2010. In the cover story for Elle UK, the actress admits she feels “lucky” and “happy” to have found Jim.

“It’s an exciting feeling. [Somebody saying], ‘You’re the one.’ And it’s a surprise. You know, I’m surprised when people who aren’t related to me see my movies,” she explained. “And you’re surprised somebody wants to be with you because, boy, I’ve got a lot of quirks and wrinkles,” she told Elle.

Here are the photos  taken by photographer Ben Hassett of the newly wed Reese:

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