Kate Upton Sexy Guess Ads

kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (7)At just 18 Kate Upton has accomplished far more than nearly anyone will in a lifetime and her career has only just begun.  She was in 2o11 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, was named rookie of the year, has a campaign with Dooney and Burke, and is also a Victoria Secret Model.  Now her modeling career continues to boom as she poses for an incredible new Guess ad campaign.

Below are some photos from her Guess ad campaign and she look unbelievable smokin’.  Like I always say, I’m not a blonde fan, but she is unbelievably hot.  I love the style of the ads to, so fifties glam.  In some pics she looks very Marilyn Monroe-esqe which I love.  I’m a huge fan of that genre and Maryily so these ads definitely are not only pleasing to the eye, but they make me want to run out and buy everything she is selling.  Good work Guess on getting such a sexy model in your ads.

Here are the pics, yay or nay on Kate Upton?:

kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (6)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (15)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (14)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (13)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (12)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (11)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (10)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (5)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (2)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (3)kate-upton-guess-thesocialnewspaper (1)

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