Two Loves

Torn between two loves

Wanting each to be yours,

But watch the skies above

Because when it rains it pours.

One love you must choose.

One love you must lose.

Can’t have her

And still have me.

Can’t be the the way you were

Unless you set me free.

I hope and I pray

That you pick me,

That I will hear you say

You and me will be

Because you have let her go

And turned her down for good.

To her love you have said no

And will be with me as you should.

Ca’t bare if I’ve lost,

Fell so deeply for you.

But I suppose that’s the cost

Of a love that is true.

Sometimes you lose.

Sometimes you win.

Who will you choose?

How can you even begin

To pick one of two

To spend a life with you,

And tell the other you’re through,

That only one love is true?

Your loves love you as well

It’s as if you’ve cast a spell,

From which we are held under.

But you did make a big blunder,

And fell for both of us

Far beyond just lust.

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you lose.

Can’t be as we’ve been,

For one love you must choose.

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