Goodbye With a Kiss

You haunt me in my dreams.

Nothing was what it seemed.

I believed it was real.

Cut myself just to feel.

Tell me what’s the deal.

Is this for real?

No grip on reality.

Losing my sanity.

Fading away,

Night to day,

Day to night,

Nothing seems right.

I love you with all of me.

But tell me why can’t you see,

Why do you ignore,

The love I hold for you?

I beg you, I implore,

Please think this through.

You haunt me in dreams,

Keep me awake at night.

Nothing is what it seems

Oh this just can’t be right.

You have to still feel,

Something for me.

What we had was real.

I know I was not crazy.

More then just a physical lust,

There was passion and trust.

Then you ripped out my heart,

And crushed it completely.

You tore me apart,

Oh how poorly you treated me.

I got the help I need.

Now I do plead.

Please take me back.

Give me another chance.

Let’s get on the track,

To a happy romance.

I may just love an ideal.

I may not really love you.

But this love we can anneal,

And mold into something real.

Please don’t end things like this.

At least say goodbye with a kiss.

Please don’t so easily dismiss,

For you will be dearly missed.

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