Hypnotic, Haunting Love

Just when I think I’ve broken free

You wake me in my sleep

And start haunting me.

As I lie and weep

Over what we had

I cry for what I lost

And how you made me feel bad

Yet I am the one with the cost

I am the one aching

With memories haunting

While you are out heartbreaking

Getting free is becoming daunting

Just when I think I’ve won the battle

I realize I’m lost in a war

This isn’t some harmless prattle

And I cannot take anymore

Why do I love you

Why do I weep

Cannot escape you

Through my veins you seep

You don’t deserve

All that I have to offer

How dare you have the nerve

To not be a little softer

To be hard as stone

As I sob and moan

Broken hearted and tearful

You let me grow slowly worse

Instead of trying to make me cheerful

You hex me with a curse

To love you forever

While you could not care less

So daft and so clever

While I am utterly bereft

Cannot love another soul

Because that void is filled by you

My heart and innocence you stole

Than ran off and were untrue

You used me and cheated

You manipulated and lied

Ripped my heart out as it beated

Then turned your back as I cried

You walk off clear and clean

All your cruelty unseen

While I look like the villian

Though I was the one bitten

Turned into a slave for you

But I was apparently one of many

I can never get enough of you

While you have plenty

Of souls to feast

You cowardly beast

You mesmerize and hypnotize

I a doting fool, loving merely lies

This relationship is symbiotic

I in a trance, hypnotic

Captivated by your essance

Weak in the knees in you prescence

I try to cast you aside

I try to forget you

But by your trance I abide

Your power seeps through

You wake me in my sleep

Haunt me in my nightmares

You leave me here to weep

Because you simply do not care

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