Life Without You

Longing for yesterday

Fearing the tomorrow.

Cursing fate in every way

For handing me such sorrow.

It took you from me

Before our time was up.

Now it’s just me.

I’m alone and it’s tough.

Tough to breathe,

Pray for relief

From this torment and torture.

I would walk across scorched earth,

Go to hell and back

Just to have you back

In my arms

In my life.

Keep you from harm,

Save you from strife.

But you’re gone, you’ve left.

Can’t bring you back to me.

Now I’m the one bereft,

I’m the one left lonely

While you are set free.

Where you are you’re happy.

I just cannot accept

That you’re really gone,

That you’ve really left

That you’ve moved on

While I’m still stuck on you,

While I didn’t make it through.

Am I dreaming,

Amidst a feverish nightmare?

Because things are seeming,

Unreal and unfair.

To painful to be real.

I’m too hurt to feel,

Lay here catatonic, numb.

Oh how could I be so dumb,

To fall in love

With the one who left

Who looms above,

While I am bereft.

Stuck here on earth by myself.

Well at least I’ve got my health,

And it keeps me here,

Away from you,

And I do fear

The things I will do,

To be back with you.

If this is really true

My life must be through

Because I am nothing without you.

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