Scarlett Johansson’s Sexy New Mango Campaign

For those who have never heard of the brand Mango…check it out.  I actually own a few pieces and they are quite nice.  I first learned of them a few months back when I released pics of Scarlett Johannson’s ad campaign with them, decided to check them out, and wound up purchasing a few dresses.    Scarlett has been with them for years but lately her shoots have been getting more press, probably since she is rising in fame and currently dating Sean Penn.  

I never used to find her all that sexy but I like her with the shorter hair and think she looks great in these Mango ads.  She has gotten some bad press lately too because of a few photos of her jogging and not looking as waif-life as Hollywood would wish.  Her acting may be terrible but she is beautiful and so what if she doesn’t look anorexic.  I think she looks great in all these photo shoots and honestly people don’t look thin when they are working out because you aren’t posing or sucking anything in nor are you worrying about appearances.  The press should leave her alone, at least she’s working out and she’s healthy…who cares if she actually has a normal stomach.  She’s a curvy girl with huge boobs…real women don’t have 24 inch waists below that.

Here are two new pics from her most recent Mango ad Campaign:

This is the photo that is getting her all the bad press:

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