Jersey Shore’s Angelina Prego!!!

Frightening news alert!!!  Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick has announced that she is pregnant.  I don’t like to talk badly about someone in this way but honestly, this girl should NOT reproduce.  Darwin’s theory of evolution should have weeded her out long ago but thanks to modern advances she’s survived to produce a child that is bound to be as big of a disaster as she is.

The reality television starlet has confirmed the news to TMZ, though she didn’t share any other details.

Angelina’s babydaddy is said to be her fiance Dave Kovacs. They’ve been betrothed since this past February…however, that was supposedly all a sham.  I certainly hope this pregnancy isn’t one more attempt at extending that undeserved 15 minutes of fame.  She needs to understand, she was a reality star who is infamous for being a bitch and if not on Jersey Shore, no one cares about her so she needs to just go away and get out of the media.  Hopefully a baby will ground her but I have a feeling it will make her more of a media whore.

As soon as more details become available I will be sure to release them so stay tuned to

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