Lindsay Lohan June 2011 Russia FHM…Really?

Lindsay Lohan (1)She is in one legal quagmire after another and hasn’t made a decent film in years yet she lands the cover a magazine for sex symbols.  Hot chicks are supposed to be in FHM (with past cover models like Megan Fox and Eliza Dushku we can’t normally complain) but it seems their European versions have lower standards…much lower.  Lindsay Lohan isn’t sexy, she’s an addicted mess.  I have nothing against the addicted and have some close friends who’ve been to hell and back battling heroin, but Lindsay doesn’t take recovery seriously.  She needs to be working on herself and staying out of the public eye right now, not getting into her underwear and posing like a pinup.  I am curious to know what my reader think of her, yay or nay on this shoot?:

Lindsay Lohan (2)Lindsay Lohan (3)Lindsay Lohan (5)Lindsay Lohan (6)


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