Poem: Anyone But You

Always was the one chasing

Felt like I was racing

But there was no finish line

Always waiting for a sign

But it never showed

Felt alone, even in a crowd

Could feel myself corrode

My heart beat aloud

As my love for you grew

But you couldn’t hear it

Or you just never knew

Though you seem to fear it’

Or you just didn’t care

Love, no you don’t dare.

So I gave up

Found my own peace

Got fed up

What a relief

To be rid of you

To be set free

Was it ever true?

Or were you playing me?

Found someone new

He’s so much better than you

Like music to my ears

He swept me off my feet

Erased all my fears

He’s like a daily treat

You are just dust in the wind

Now I’m the heroine

I’m the savior of my own fate

Nothing can slow me down at this rate

Taking love by storm

No more shoulder so cold

Hello arms so warm

Hello to growing old

With a love that is so true

With someone who is not you.


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