Ever Wanted to Hike Nude…Now You Can

Have you ever wanted to hike nude?  I know I sure haven’t seeing as there are poisonous  plants and bugs to be wary of on any trail but hey, to each his own.  If you are in the market for letting your dairy aire and nether regions hang out and be one with nature then I have some great news for you.  Germany has just launched their first hiking trail for nudists.

On May 29th, when the trails opened, near the town of Dankerode, enthusiasm was running high — and not just among those who enjoy braving nature clothing free. Mayor Monika Rauhut hailed the trail as “the latest attraction here in beautiful Wippertal.”  Ok…umm there is nothing beautiful about naked hikers unless they are the Victoria Secret angels.

As it turns out, nude hiking is popular in Germany and the trail was an instant hit.  Nude hiking is so popular that the concept is now being decided in Switzerland, where the issue will soon be taken up by the Supreme Court. The “unofficial spokesperson” for Swiss lovers of the outdoor activity isn’t so sure. But Puistola Grottenpösch (not his real name) does see some upsides. A sanctioned trail would give many people an opportunity to experience the “bodily freedom” that only hiking in the nude offers — an experience that “fills you with happiness,” he says.

In Germany, signs placed around the nude trail area warn:

“If you don’t want to run into any naked people, stop right here!”

The message makes Grottenpösch uneasy.

“It seems to suggest such a thing would be terrible.”  “The sign could be taken as more of an encouragement than a deterrent.”

Nor does he like the idea that such a trail could be seen as a “ghetto” for nude hikers, particularly as such a thing might make people think “that it’s obligatory to be clothed everywhere else.”

This story is just plain weird so I had to post it.  I get nude beaches because you don’t want tan lines but nude hiking?  Really?  What if you get poison ivy on your hoo haa??  Well, count me out for this sport but more power to the nudist hikers I suppose.

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