Shaq a Criminal??

He’s one of the most well-known pro basketball players in the history of the game, and now Shaquille O’neal is gaining publicity of a different kind – the criminal kind.  He is being questioned in a criminal case involving kidnapping and robbery!

According to TMZ reports, on the night of February 11, 2008, a friend of Shaq’s named Ladell Rowles (who’s allegedly a member of the L.A. Main street Mafia Crip Gang) sought out Robert Ross in an effort to seek and destroy an alleged sex tape he had of Shaq.

As the police report stated, the seven gang members met Robert at Pink Dot convenience store on the Sunset Strip, where they allegedly surrounded his car with guns drawn before jumping into the vehicle and ordering him to drive to Ladell’s house.  Upon arrival, Rowle’s allegedly pistol whipped Ross and demanded that he hand over the intimate tape – then stripped him of his a diamond chain, earrings, a Rolex, and $15,000 cash.

Each gang member has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and robbery, among other crimes.  As the accused are currently in the middle of an in-jail preliminary hearing, LAPD detectives have interviewed O’Neal to determine what, if any, involvement he had in this case.

Well despite the fact that Shaq didn’t play nearly as much as I would have liked this season and he’s getting a little in the tooth to keep playing pro ball I like the guy and I like him in green so hopefully this will all turn out to be nothing.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he was involved, I’m just hoping that he isn’t because this is a serious crime and he can do major jail time for such a horrible offense.

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