Jersey Shore Season 6 Will Have NEW CAST to bring on a new team of guidos and guidettes, it is being reported that the current cast of “Jersey Shore” is being replaced.

Allegedly, Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation, JWoww, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny and Deena will film their last season (5) back in Seaside Heights, NJ.

The crew recently returned to the states after filming season 4 in Italy, which is slated to begin in August.

Don’t fear for the ol’ cast, however. Many of the stars have already scored a spinoff series that will keep them at MTV in the future.

Honestly, I wonder how entertaining this will be.  Sure people like that are a dime a dozen in the Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island area but what makes it different from shows like the Real World is that it is the same case coming back.  The draw of the show are icons like Snooki and the Situtation.  The cast has gotten so greedy though that I’m sure MTV has caught on that drunken Jersey Shore antics can be had by anyone and there is no need to be paying big bucks when you can get a whole new cast for cheap.  I wonder if these spin off shows will survive and I also wonder how fans will take to a new cast.  We shall see in the near future though…


11 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Season 6 Will Have NEW CAST

  1. I think jersey shore is a great show very entertaining they should not get a new cast it would ruin everything. And those spin offs wont probably last (no offense). But i cant wait for seasons 4 and 5 of jersey shore.

    • It will not be the same with a new cast!!!!!!! I wish they can keep the cast if they film season 6. Situation, Snooki, Pauly d and the rest cannot be REPLACED!!! IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME!!!!!!!! I agree with you Briana

  2. the show would be totally different i would not watch it anymore, just keep the same cast of the jersey shore. nobodys gonna watch the show if you get a new cast, well at least i won’t.

  3. i think replacing the cast is totally possible! all the jersey shore cast is are 7-8 poeple… not really counting deena!.. that drink 7 days out of the week and make up stupid remarks like “MEETALL PROBLEMS” or ”YEAH BUDDY” you know what im saying? it would’nt be hard to replace them one bit. all you would have to do it find 8 poeple that go to the gym and tan everyday. thats not very hard to do. cause you know all the poeple that do those two thing are all alike!… you know party on the weekends.. wear true religions… take care of their bodys and looks.. PLUS. you really thing they honestly think that they could’nt find anybody better looking then half of the poeple on that cast? come on! ”VINNY” this white kid who wishes he was full blown ITALIAN so bad he trys way to hard and he cant tan… wears the most boring clothing and talks the most shit in the whole house! then when it comes back to him he runs! and ”SNOOKIE” seriously MTV really could’nt have found a FATTER more OBNOXIOUS Drunk in the country! their are hotter peolpe everywhere! ive seen hotter in freakin WALMART! i look up the the cast of the show very much. i get alot of tips from them when it comes to dressing clothing and other thing when it comes to looking as fresh as you can. but when it comes to a replacement it could be done.

  4. Dont want new cast wont be the same i love the cast we have now jwow is great sammy and ronnie have finally gotten along and u could never replace any of them but i do think they should bring roger in it would be great for.jwow.he seems to be a really great guy and as far as her ex he was ugly anyway roger is so much better snooki and deena greatest meatballs ever and vinny and paulie d never a better bromance oh yea and mike the snitch change yourself so what if something happened between u and snooks if u loved her as much as u say you do u would never have talked shit like u did and if i was jwow i would have beat your ass your not a good friend u let the show go to your head grow up

  5. Honestly, it will NEVER be the same as the real Jersey Shore cast. I mean really who will ever replace these people? Snookie, Pauly D, Jwoww, The Situation, Vinny, Sammi, Ronnie, and Deena! The new cast will NEVER be as good as the true cast. But I mean that’s all I can do, right? But Its good to hear that a few of them will be going on with their cereer. I’m pumped to see a few of them stay on MTV 🙂

  6. Why is everyone freaking out so much!? Honestly, season 4 was really boring, and I’ve been waiting forever for Jersey Shore to have a new cast! Besides, everyone on Jersey Shore now will still be on MTV, just not the same show. To me, its a good idea to have a new cast.

  7. I know that I for one will not watch Jersey Shore with a new cast..Just like I won’t watch 21/2 men without Charlie Sheen. Some people (actors) cannot be replaced.

  8. I would absolutely love a new jersey shore cast because I’m tired of seeing the same old faces who do the exact same shit every season like they literatly have nothing better to do with their lives

  9. i only liked snooks and pauly… if they get a new cast .. less at least have a black guy in this!.. ik its some black/italians in jersey…

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