Nicole Scherzinger, InStyle Sexy

Nicole Scherzinger is super hot and it’s great to see that she is  back in the limelight.  She graces the cover and inside pages of the August 2011 issue of InStyle UK and looks absolutely fabulous. 

In the inside pages she shows off her sexy flexibility as well as her beauty with some creative poses.  The former Pussycat Doll is striking in a form-fitting white dress and simple up-do and in the accompanying photo spread she keeps things simple and sexy in several black and white ensembles.

In her interview, Nicole confessed that her fabulous physique doesn’t happen by accident.

“As a dancer, I have to keep my core strong. I work out a lot. I jog a lot. I have a personal trainer. I keep very active. I don’t believe in being too skinny or unhealthy.”

And due to her Kentucky upbringing, Scherzinger has a penchant for comfort foods.

“I’m just a down-home Southern girl. I love making chicken and dumplings and Kentucky Derby pie. And from Hawaii I’ve got a love of paddle surfing.”

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