Lindsay Lohan’s Risque New Photo Shoot

Lindsay Lohan is out of the legal limelight and into the celebrity spotlight…or at least trying to be.  Daring to be risque, Lindsay posed for a racy new photo shoot for photographer Tyler Shields.

Attempting to shed her criminal skin and get back in good graces with the acting community the “Mean Girls” actress partook in the bloody, sexy session in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month.

With Virgin Mobile “Sparah” model Spencer Falls also included in the shoot, LiLo can be seen having her breast groped in one shot while holding a bloodied knife in another.

Along with the posting of the pictures, Shields wrote on his website,

“A little romance never hurt anyone until it ended.”

Here are the pics.  I find them weird and not too special yet very reminiscent of the 1960’s which I do like.  So, I guess I like the artsyness of them but I can’t stand LiLo and I just don’t think she’s relevant or relate-able at all and certainly should not have a campaign like this.:

One thought on “Lindsay Lohan’s Risque New Photo Shoot

  1. Wow! The pictures are incredible.Lindsay doesn`t look like someone who uses drugs regularly at all…she just looks amazing, especially in the last pic.

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