Audrina Patridge: Bongo Sexy

Again, I don’t understand the appeal of Audrina Patridge.  She is nothing special and I just don’t find her very sexy.  However, many people do seem to find her hot including the brand Bongo, which she’s been modeling for over the past two years.  In fact, she is the face of Bongo and recently shot a new ad campaign.  

The former “Hills” star celebrates celebrates back-to-school style in the new photo shoot, showing off the hottest looks for the upcoming fall season.

Here are the pics, what does everyone think??:

One thought on “Audrina Patridge: Bongo Sexy

  1. The new Bongo clothes are cute although the missing parts of Audrina would have really complimented these designs. Audrina looked a lot better last summer for Bongo. After her drastic reduction and cleavage removal this summer’s Bongo shoot is not as hot. Audrina has no curves, she’s flat, what’s left droops, she doesn’t know how to deal with not having what she removed. Two words: lift and support, would really help! She must sell a lot of jeans because Bongo sure pushes her hard.

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