A Love That Never Was

Found a love I thought was true.

Wasted all my time on you.

My love ran deep.

I dreamed of a future.

Now all I do is weep.

I’m stuck amidst self-torture.

Thought you were the one for me.

Thought that one day you would see.

How good together we could be.

But instead I must set you free.

Crying, tears streaking my pale face.

Maybe it was all just about the chase.

Weeping, sobbing, heart breaking.

Miserable, somber, soul aching.

Love hurts, love is cruel.

How could something so beautiful hurt so bad.

Something so amazing make me a fool.

You were the best that I ever had.

I thought you felt it too,

That I was not in it alone.

But what we had was not true,

Now you’ve left me alone.

Don’t know if I will survive,

If I can recover from this.

It hurts to be alive,

When all day you I miss.

Long for your touch, your soft caress,

Only you can lift me up from this mess.

Wondering how come, wondering what if.

We never had a fight or even a small tiff.

Everything seemed perfect, the stuff dreams are made of.

We were in a love bliss, something sent from above.

But it was all a lie,

A waste of my time.

You didn’t really try,

And you turned on a dime.

Went from red hot to ice cold.

Now without you I grow old.

Thought we’d be forever.

But really we were never.

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