Kim Kardashian: World’s First 3D Cover Girl

Being gifted with a an incredible figure, Kim Kardashian made for the perfect choice when World’s Most Beautiful 3D magazine was selecting their debut issue covergirl.

The E! reality star was granted the honor of helping jumpstart the new form of print media, with the publication set to be released this Thursday (August 4).

So very excited about the opportunity, Miss Kardashian took to her website to break the news to her millions of fans, as she wrote,

“How amazing is this!?!?! I’ve been wanting to tell you guys for a while but had to wait to reveal that I am going to be on the cover of the world’s first 3-D magazine!”

She continued,

“The 3-D photo spread is for World’s Most Beautiful, the first-ever magazine shot entirely in 3-D. The amazing Nick Saglimbeni came up with the concept and we met up for a top-secret shoot in the desert. Nick is one of my all-time favorite photographers so I was so excited for the shoot… I can’t wait for you guys to see the final shots in 3-D!  The magazine comes out Thursday and is the world’s first 3-D magazine… so you need 3-D glasses to see the photos! How cool is that!? These are the 2D versions of the Issue 1 cover shoot!!”

Here are the pics:

One thought on “Kim Kardashian: World’s First 3D Cover Girl

  1. I think Kim Kardashian has wooooooooooow figure and she knows how 2 use her sexy and gorgeus body 2 make money through modeling and thats why i luv her so much.I wish her all tha best in whateva she might decide 2 do with her life.Continue with that spirit Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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