Diana Argon: Flaunt Fabulous

Bringing her incredible beauty to the forefront, Dianna Agron got glammed up for a brand new spread for the latest issue of Flaunt magazine.

The “Glee” star posed for photographers Stevie and Mada while chatting about topics including being content with herself and fan interaction during the “Glee Live” shows.

Highlights from Miss Agron’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Flaunt!

On finding contentedness with herself:

“I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been. Ever. High school, middle school—I’ve loved every part of getting older and growing, but I definitely think that this is the most I’ve ever felt like myself and that I’m being treated like who I feel I am.”

On fan participation during “Glee Live” performances:

“I think it’s so hard, because people are so joyous in the moment, and want to be able to look back on it or share it with their friends, but you’ll see that more often than not, they’re watching the concert through the recording device. To me, that’s putting yourself back in front of the TV. You are part of it; you feel the energy. You’ll never see or feel that from a video, ever.”

On using daydreaming to clear her mind:

“If this was six years ago, what would I be doing in the exact same place or situation? It’s something that, when I write, it could be a situation or a person that is similar to something that I know, but I go in a completely different direction with it, based off of one small change.”

Here are the pics:

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